About Pussy Galore Heidelberge

  • Welcome to Pussy Galore Heidelberge, the best fully licensed brothel in Melbourne .

We are under new management now.

  • At Pussy Galore Heidelberge, we have fabulous facilities and different types of Asian girls –, Chinese,Malaysian and Korean girls. We pride ourselves in providing classy, friendly and seductive service with our ladies to cater for your needs. All our rooms are lavishly furnished for your comfort and pleasure, and all areas of the premises are maintained immaculately to ensure that our clients feel comfortable at all times. All the girls are stunning and ready to rock your world .Whatever you crave, you are sure to find her at Pussy Galore Heidelberge.
  • Pussy Galore Heidelberge offers very competitive prices and excellent customer services.

Privacy Policy

  • At Pussy Galore Heidelberge, your Privacy Policy is extremely important and rightfully, the world doesn't have to know every intimate detail about your life or what do you do in your spare time.
  • Therefore, the establishment of Pussy Galore Heidelberge has private viewing room, four exclusive harmony bedroom rooms and gives off a very homely feel so you are sure to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Air-conditioned Rooms for your complete comfort

Air-conditioned Rooms for your complete comfort

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